• Pre Sale starts on April 13th 2023. If you wish to join the whitelist, follow us on social media for further updates.

Membership NFT

Get your hands on Membership NFTs and unlock a world of benefits, including exclusive access to VIPs, luxury events, and physical perks. These NFTs are automatically staked, making you eligible for ERC-20 rewards. Plus, revenue from minting events grows the Treasury, with the assumed positive impact on the NFT value.

Crypto assets accepted:

(only for Membership NFT owners)

Treasury NFT

Treasury NFTs add value to the ArtHouse Spirits Treasury and can be redeemed for physical bottles. With a limited release of 1,000 and minimum price of $10,000, Treasury NFT holders can also vote on DAO proposals to shape the project's future.

Crypto assets accepted:

What is the Membership NFT?

Membership NFTs allow their holders to obtain benefits in the form of ERC-20 tokens. The rewards will be covered through Treasury liquidation events, described in point #11.

Additionally, being an owner of the Membership NFT gives you access to an exclusive luxury club where you can connect with and meet with VIPs and industry experts from top brands in real-life events.

Additionally, all revenue from minting events goes towards growing the Treasury, which has a track record of increasing in value over time and will positively impact the value of the DAO Treasury, which will drive up the value of NFT tokens (up to 5% of the Treasury funds goes for funding all the project operations).

Holders of Membership NFTs will have special access to VIPs and exclusive events, as well as physical perks. You’ll also have a dedicated channel of communication with VIPs and industry experts to network and exchange ideas daily. Additionally, all NFT holders can vote on DAO proposals, and have an impact on crucial internal decisions.

Plus, membership NFTs will be automatically staked, which makes the holders eligible for token rewards.

(Membership NFTs will be redeemable for physical bottles, as well as Treasury NFTs. The exchange will be possible once a year upon approval by the DAO, and upon exchange, the NFT Membership token will be burned by sending it to the 0x00000000… wallet)

How to get the Treasury NFT?

First things first, to have a possibility to buy a Treasury NFT, you need to own a Membership NFT before. Moving on, Treasury NFTs are a way to increase the value of the ArtHouse Spirits Treasury (currently estimated valued at over $1,500,000).

What about the supply? There will be a limited release of 1,000 Treasury NFTs, unless the DAO decides to change this number. To mint a new Treasury NFT, visit the ArtHouse Spirits DAO website and choose the type of NFT. The minimum price of a Treasury NFT is $10,000, while the maximum is $1,000,000. ArtHouse Spirits DAO members can mint Treasury NFTs in any amount between these two numbers that is a multiple of $10,000.

The 95% of income from Treasury NFT sale will go directly into the ArtHouse Spirits Treasury and will be used for growing the Treasury, with the goal of increasing the overall value of the physical DAO Treasury. The last 5% will be used to cover DAO daily operations.

The Treasury NFT holders will be able to redeem their NFT tokens for a physical bottle from the AHSD Treasury. This feature will be implemented two years after the NFT tokens are minted. Furthermore, the maximum number of bottles that can be redeemed is set at 5% of the Treasury per year, unless the DAO votes for a different option.

The DAO voters will decide which bottles are redeemable based on the suggestions of the SME. The redemption process is based on the current valuation of the NFT in comparison to other bottles, meaning the higher your NFT/all NFTs ratio, the more valuable bottle you can redeem.

In addition to adding value to the ArtHouse Spirits Treasury, Treasury NFT holders also can vote on DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) proposals. These proposals may include changes to the project’s roadmap, allocation of funds from the Treasury, and more. The number of votes an NFT holder has is determined by the value of the funds used to acquire the NFT. For example, if an NFT costs 20k USD, the owner will have 20 x 5 votes in the DAO (if purchased in the presale). Treasury NFT holders can use their votes to influence the direction and development of the ArtHouse Spirits project, making it a valuable asset for those looking to have a say in the project’s future.