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The world’s first ever closed community of high-net-worth individuals

Digital Rum NFTs backed by physical assets. Arthouse Spirits DAO is founded by Dictador. Dictador boasts the world’s largest stock of aged rum, up to 45 years old. Join the DAO & start benefiting from the real yield!

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Art House Spirits DAO Roadmap

We can realize our main goal only with you.

By purchasing NFTs, buyers are supporting the project and helping it move forward more quickly towards its objectives. It's an opportunity to be a part of something exciting and innovative while potentially benefiting from the project's success.

1. Black Milestone

Run exclusive luxury club

Membership NFT gives you access to an exclusive luxury club where you can connect & meet with VIPs and industry experts from top brands in real-life events.

2. Emerald Milestone

Audit of treasure

The results of the audit will be visible once a year, an external company will conduct an audit of the bottles within the Treasury and their value. The results of the audit will be made visible to all NFT holders. We support transparency

3. Pink Crystal Milestone

Voting in DAO

In the first DAO voting, members can decide what to do with the bottles from the treasury. They will be determining which ones to sell and which new bottles to purchase for the treasury.

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