• Pre Sale starts on April 13th 2023. If you wish to join the whitelist, follow us on social media for further updates.


1. General information
Where can I find general information about the project?

You can find it on our WP at: https://arthouse.s3.amazonaws.com/ArtHouseDAO-Whitepaper.pdf

Who is the legal entity selling the NFTs?

The legal entity selling the NFTs is Art House Spirits DAO OÜ, located in Harju County Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Lõõtsa tn 5, 11415.

How will the NFTs be staked?

The NFTs will be staked immediately after minting.

What will be the function of ERC-20 tokens?

ERC-20 tokens will be produced through NFT stacking. These tokens will also have the ability to vote in the DAO. After liquid events, they will be repurchased by the DAO and burned.

How can I purchase an NFT?

Simply select the BUY button on our website, connect to your Metamask wallet, and pay for the NFT with ETH.

What currency can I use to pay for NFTs?

ETH and credit card.

How many NFT Membership tokens will be available?

A maximum of 20,000.

How many NFT Treasure tokens will be available?

A maximum of 1,000.

How can I purchase an NFT Treasure?

You must first have at least one NFT Membership in your wallet. Then select BUY on our website, connect to your Metamask wallet, and pay for the NFT with ETH.

What are the main features of NFT Membership?

Please check our website for details.

When will I receive my NFT token?

You will receive them immediately after purchase.

3. Treasury
Where will Treasure be located?

Treasure will be located in a duty-free zone in the Netherlands.

Who will conduct Treasure valuations and how often?

Treasure will be valued at least once a year by an external appraiser.

When will I be able to burn my NFTs to exchange them for real bottles?

The earliest this will be possible is two years after the purchase of the NFTs.

What will the NFT Membership images depict?

The NFT Membership images will depict Dictador bottles with topography of major cities around the world such as Paris, New York, London, and many more.

4. Other
How will the DAO function?

By holding NFT tokens in your wallet, you will be able to influence the shape of Treasure.

Who is the SME of the project?

Ken Grier is the SME of the project. He is an award-winning marketer who specializes in creative luxury brand building. Grier’s previous role was as the Creative Director of The Macallan, where he built the brand’s worth up to £3bn, making it the number one single malt scotch in the world by value. Since 2020, he has been working with the Dictador brand as the Associate Creative Director, responsible for designing the strategy for the brand that stands out in the market due to its unrivaled nature and innovative approach to the market of aged spirits.